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Mingzhi Technology’s roots date back to 1999, with the founding of the Suzhou-Laempe Foundry equipment company. Reestablished as Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Ltd. in 2003, today we have over 700 employees dedicated to the production of core shop equipment and aluminum castings.  Mingzhi Technology’s Equipment Division has become a world-class producer of high-end core shop equipment.  From our facilities in China and Europe, we design, develop and produce core shop solutions that include a wide range of core shooters for various processes, sand preparation equipment, gassing units, core handling equipment, core package solutions using the sand precision casting technology, core-boxes and tooling. We engineer comprehensive proposals to meet the unique core production requirements of our worldwide customers.

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The Mingzhi Technology Casting Division is a major supplier of high-end and complex aluminum castings designed and produced out of our quality management and safety certified foundries.  In close partnership with our key OEM customers, we deliver castings such as Heat Exchangers for Condensing Boilers, Locomotive and Valve components and Commercial vehicle parts. We offer turnkey casting solutions from design to delivery, as well as core and casting prototype production for customers.

In January of 2018, Mingzhi Technology gained a footprint in Europe through the purchase of the assets and the Core product business from Disa Industrieanlangen GmbH of the Norican Group.   This provides Mingzhi Technology with a European base for core shop equipment manufacturing and improves customer access to commercial and spare parts service.



Our worldwide facilities have grown to include the Mingzhi Technology Suzhou headquarters and manufacturing operations, and more recently, our Mingzhi Technology Leipzig facility.  Supported by our sales network and agency offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas, we bring service to your door.

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BRAND COMMITMENT The utmost Professionality to increase Value and Innovation to sustain Development

Both in developing our products and serving customers, Mingzhi Technology focusses on professionality to increase customer value through high efficiency, quality, stability and precision.  With our eye on innovation, we seek to develop green and intelligent manufacturing solutions and environmental-friendly processes for benefit to the customer and to the society we live and work in.

CORE VALUES: Customer orientation, Employee accountability for success


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